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Smart apps for a smart return on investment

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With more and more operators moving into multiple service provision and the unprecedented explosion of smart technology, self-care needs to work seamlessly across multiple channels and technology platforms. Customers want to interact whenever and wherever they like and use the most convenient device at the time to manage their accounts and services.

Smart devices are now part of everyday life and mobile phone self-care apps have become an expectation rather than a passing thought for consumers.

The business benefit of self care apps to operators is wide ranging, from regular positive customer experiences which help strengthen the brand relationship and, with the ease and immediacy of the systems, reduce costly queries to call centers.

In addition they enable the operator to tailor communications with the customer, developing a personalized relationship that then eases cross/up selling of products and services.

At Separate Reality we recognize the true potential of self-care apps, so our product doesn’t just look good and ‘make sense’ but it also interacts at a deep and powerful level with the operators’ BSS/OSS systems. Ensuring the optimum customer experience is always delivered.

What’s more, it’s completely configurable so your brand identity shines through.

The Separate Reality native self-care app

We believe that operators of all tiers and sizes should be able to deliver apps to customers easily, cost effectively and with a low cost of ownership. Critical to this belief is that the often daunting, and expensive, task of integration should not stand in the way of these initiatives.

To this end, an app with a compelling user experience that is also coupled with a flexible integration layer to help navigate the complex system relationships, unify customer data, promote a coherent product offering and transaction complex orders into an evolving BSS/OSS is an absolute must for the product.

The Separate Reality iOS and Android apps provide the operator with a convenient and easy to use native self-care product to be used by customers to manage their accounts and services.

It drives customers to use the application through tight- integration with the smart phone or tablet’s operating system giving the best possible user experience.

The apps provide user journeys to meet the multi-play market needs (mobile, television, wire line, broadband). They provide intuitive tap-through, swipe and click approaches that help the user to easily understand their pre-paid, post-paid or converged relationship.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 - Our App

Our Professional Services

Deployments of Separate Reality’s products are supported by Separate Reality’s long standing professional services organisation, which have been delivering self-care, shop, call centre and eBilling portal solutions world-wide for more than 10 years.

A key focus of Separate Reality’s smart device based products and solutions is on reducing deployment time, cost and risk for a network operator whilst ensuring their return on investment is seen in the shortest time possible. Through Separate Reality’s considerable experience in the communications industry and specifically the self- care domain, we are able to apply highly tuned software engineering techniques and practices to our frameworks, products, solutions and services to ensure delivery commitments are always met.

The Separate Reality HTML5 self-care app

We understand that many operators will need both a native solution and an HTML5 responsive design solution - simply because all their customers need to be looked after, and not just those with the latest technology.

For this reason Separate Reality also provide an HTML5 responsive design app that, where possible, includes all the features of the native apps.

Both use the same clever integration bit.

Key App Features – an overview

  • Quick View Account and Service Snapshot.
  • Clear Service Dashboards
  • Manage Services
  • View and Pay Bills
  • Account Holder & Registered User Access
  • Control of Notification and Alerts
  • Secure integration via smart integration adaptors
  • Flexibility
  • Device led User Experiences
  • On-phone Integration
  • Offline and Weak Signal solution
  • Performance analytics


On going maintenance and support

Separate Reality offers pro-active maintenance agreements to support the mobile apps ensuring that regular updates to 3rd party software and hardware (new devices, operating system releases) are tested and optimized in order to meet the ever changing mobile market.

In addition, Separate Reality monitor app store feedback and analytics data to ensure customers are continually getting the best possible experience.